[wp-hackers] Making it better

Mihailo Stefanovic mikis at mikis.org
Fri Apr 22 12:10:46 GMT 2005

> That's great.
> I really think using smarty template would be great for wp.

I disagree, for many reasons stated many times elsewhere: Smarty is bloated,
it adds another level of complexity, and it is reinventing PHP.

Is it so much easier for non-programmers to use { wp_something } that <?php
wp_something ?> ?

> I was wondering if we could adapt the sql code to have ir work
> properly with many other DB (I was thinking about pgsql actually)
> through adodb wrapper.

Again, I'm starting to use AdoDB (and so far I like it), but WP already uses
ezSQL database class, which shares many same goals as AdoDB, only it is much
lighter (10KB vs 200+KB for trimmed-down Ado)

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