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Phil Hart radial at mindspring.com
Thu Apr 21 20:34:18 GMT 2005

I'm a user, who wants to develop my own theme.  I do not know php.  I do
know basic HTML and I hope am intelligent enough to place tags in my theme
from the codex to make something pop up or not.  However, I'll be damned if
I can figure out how to make a horizontal menu going across the top under
the header image.  I could not find any plugins.  I wanted to make a menu
going across the top with the menu options the categories and pages in my
blog.  I gave up for now.

I remember back in 1.2 there was some site that had broken down the css file
as to what it did exactly.  Had it mapped out and everything.  I used it to
modify 1.2 css to create www.radialmonster.com

I can not find anything similar to this mapping for theme use in 1.5.  My
1.5 is at www.urbandestruction.com/blog.  There's nothing there really, just

With no docs easily found on how to use the 1.5 themes, the only thing I
could figure to do was load up the theme in 1.5 and firefox with the web
developer extension and modify the css and see what happened in real time.


Phil Hart

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I'm curious how the list thinks the community could be improved to avoid 
the concerns voiced in comments like this:


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