[wp-hackers] Rewriting search URL

Peak Discharge chmoka at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 20:28:50 GMT 2005

One of the things I love wp for is it's permalinks systems that utilizes 
mod_rewrite. I have tried tens of blog scripts in the past but wp's is the 
best one. One thing I have noticed, however, it does not rewrite the search 
URL. So instead of something neat such as ' 
http://www.unicorns.com/search/unicorn', I see
' (using the Blix theme). If you ask me it looks completely out of place 
compared with the complex rewriting system used for every other possible 
link in the blog. So the question is, it it possible to rewrite the search 
URL? The rewrite itself is already implemented in .htaccess and the problem 
is how to redirect all search URLs to search/blah? Firas and me had a nice 
long conversation in #wordpress today and Firas wrote a small script that 
redirects search requests to search/blah. However, it only works on index 
and the solution itself isn't the best option. Any ideas people?

best regards, chmoka
mailto:chmoka at gmail.com
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