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denis at semiologic.com denis at semiologic.com
Tue Apr 19 22:32:19 GMT 2005

Sounds like a good idea indeed. I was just surprised to find no hook anywhere to
call it in the WordPress code. At the moment, the only occurence of it is in the
install script.

I would have imagined finding something somewhere like:

if ( $post->post_content_filtered )
  // bypass post_content filters

and like:

apply_filters( wherever_relevant, update_post_content_filtered )

at other places. But leave as is, I presume, as there is room to cache things
differently from a site to another.

Speaking of which: If I make a plugin to fill the field every so often on a
semi-static basis rather than on a per-modification basis, is there a way to I
disable the apply_filters call on the_content altogether?


Quoting Matt Mullenweg <m at mullenweg.com>:

> denis at semiologic.com wrote:
> > I noticed this 'post_content_filtered' column in the posts table. It
> doesn't
> > appear to be used anywhere in wp. Is this a remnant of a past version of
> wp,
> > something a plugin installed on my site, something else...?
> It can be used by plugins for caching expensive post content
> transformations.
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