[wp-hackers] wordpress optimizations

Sencer alisencer at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 06:42:07 GMT 2005

I wrote a comment on queries here, I still think it's relevant:

Yes, they do take a small amount of time, and while timing script
either with php or xdebug shows them to spent little time, ab shows
that removing redundant very simple queries still makes a more than
measurable difference. Getting rid of ~10 very simple and small
SELECTs in Textpattern (after the initial benchmarks I did) showed an
improvement of ~12% in execution time, even though they showed to use
less than 1% of execution time. If mysql is on the same server every
cpu cycle that is not used by mysql can be used by php , otherwise
you'll benefit from avoiding network latency and the like.

Some of the things I point to in my above post are really not hard to
do, they are low hanging fruit why not pick them?

Another place to look at, would be the application of filters, even
without any plugins the code spends quiet a bit of time with that
(very many iterations), maybe somebody wants to try different
approaches to that while measruring with XDebug.

> I think the last comment is highly relevant:
> http://www.sencer.de/article/1036/#c000148

Yes, WP-Cache is really good (I think it needs more publicity ;)). But
the numbers only give cache hits. Usually there will also be a bit of
commenting going on, and with every comment the whole cache is being
flushed. If you have a comment-spammer running bots on you, using or
not using WP-Cache at may not make a difference, at worst create more



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