[wp-hackers] Usability Expert Review

Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Sun Apr 17 20:05:02 GMT 2005

Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> http://www.gabrielwhite.com/wordpress/
A non-proprietary format readable online would've been nice.

I like the genreal idea to revamp the admin menu; though I don't know 
that I like the specific proposal.  Comments might merit their own 
top-level menu item; but I don't like stuffing so much other stuff into 
"Configuration"...   Though if a vertical left-side menu were supplied 
for "Configuration", I might not mind so much.

"Make the default ‘Configuration’ page show an overview of all the 
administrative functions along with short text descriptions."
I like this idea quite a bit.

"Replace the numeric ‘level’ attribute with a set of descriptive user 
levels, such as:"
This is a nice idea, but the proposed user levels look _worse_ than 
all-numeric levels, I think.  "Manager Level 2" seems too bulky.

The rest of the items mostly made sense.  I wouldn't have any real 
problems if they were integrated.

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