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Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Sun Apr 17 10:12:45 GMT 2005

denis at semiologic.com wrote:
> Quoting Podz <podz at tamba2.org.uk>:
>>Robert Deaton wrote:
>>>I think that a lot of plugins are more of the cause of
>>>high overhead than a plain old WordPress.
>>Matt mentioned this before but more (I thought) in the context of poor
>>coding. Anyone prepared to point the finger at bad plugins ? the point
>>being of course to make things better rather than blame anyone !
> Sure:


That's a big list, yet I have not seen anything anywhere that could 
guide users as to what should / could be used together without overly 
stressing a server. Okay so that comes down to how exactly a user 
implements the actual plugins but from that list some basics must surely 
be able to be distilled and written up ?
When things goes wrong, the host will blame WP, coders will blame the 
user / plugin author, the user will shout at everyone but no-one then 
learns and that cannot be good surely ?

The query counter - is that a measure ? Is less better or can the count 
be higher but more efficient ? The counter has been there since a long 
time ago yet has recieved little attention - maybe some explanation and 
examples would be good ? And what has the timer got to do with it ?

What this actually comes down to though is how many people it affects 
and how many it could affect. If the second number could get large then 
maybe something needs addressing now ?

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