[wp-hackers] 1.5.1 Release

drDave drdave at unknowngenius.com
Tue Apr 12 10:25:31 GMT 2005

Is there *any* date known for an hypothetical 1.5.1 release?
Many of the current bugs in 1.5 are pretty major show-stoppers for 
advanced plugins.
Among many others, I have a version of Spam Karma 2.0 that's been ready 
for some public beta-testing for a while now, except I cannot really 
roll it out completely as long as I am not able to clearly tell users 
"Upgrade to version X before using SK2".

  Instead, I am currently stuck with a lame middle-ground between 
telling novice users to stick with the very obsolete SK1 and recommend 
more advanced users to patch WP by themselves or grab SVN. In both 
cases, I end up doing hours of redundant support and explaining...

I am quite aware that we do not want rushed release and the pace should 
be reasonable. But considering 1.5.1 is a pure bug-fixing release (it 
*is*, right?), I do not see what the issue is with deciding on a 
reasonable date, *announce it* (particularly to developers), do basic 
beta testing and release it with strong suggestion to all users to 
upgrade it... At the moment, there are new people everyday downloading 
a version that has known problems with its plugin API: it will be much 
harder to get these users to upgrade once more than having them 
download right away the correct bug-fixing minor release.

So, any date?

Dave / デイヴ
drdave at unknowngenius.com

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