[wp-hackers] Themes not all they should be?

Elliott Bäck ecb29 at cornell.edu
Tue Apr 12 02:12:51 GMT 2005

Forgive me if this has come up before.  I just started my transition to 
WP 1.5, and I was all excited about themes, until I realized that they 
were just packaged, pluggable versions of the old wordpress layout 
ideology.  Snap in a layout, switch to another one, etc.  Instead, I was 
hoping that what "themes" meant was an extendable set of data-regions 
stored centrally that then filtered through the "view" of different 
themes.  For example, say I want a sidebar, links, categories, posts, 
asides, and a custom region called "my-picture-of-the-day."  Then, I had 
imagined that all themes would then render my data regions as appropriate.

Obviously this is not the behavior of 1.5, but is this model worth 
looking into?

Elliott C. Bäck


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