[wp-hackers] An idea for preventing spam

Basil Crow lists at basilcrow.com
Sun Apr 10 18:08:12 GMT 2005

Hey everyone,

After being hit with a bunch of comment spam in the past few days, it 
occurred to me that there might be a rather easy way of filtering spam 
into moderation. It's not an absolutely foolproof method, but I don't 
get much spam anymore with WordPress 1.5, and it might be more of a 
practical aid in defeating what little that I do get.

The idea is: automatically put the comment in moderation (or even mark 
it as spam) if it ends with
    by <a href="(.*)">(.*)</a>
since most comment spam I'm getting nowadays ends with the words "by" 
and a link.

Would anyone be interested in implementing a plugin of some sort for 
this? I have no idea how to go about it.


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