[wp-hackers] Comment moderation

Craig Hartel craig at nuclearmoose.com
Sat Apr 9 16:47:10 GMT 2005

I just got hit with a huge batch of spam comments. Not only were there a lot of 
them, but they contain DOZENS of links as well as text.

I can't moderate them because my server keeps timing out. I know that I can go 
into phpMyAdmin and delete them manually, but that doesn't help people who don't 
have this or have the "courage" to do something like directly edit the database.

I'm wondering if comments could be changed in how they are listed in the comment 
moderation panel? I'd like to see a simple list of just the basic information 
and not the body of the comment. The comment body could be replaced by a link to 
show the entire contents of the comment if desired.

Would this method cut down on the dbase query execution time? If this would be a 
worthwhile thing to do, could someone take a stab at the coding? Please? :)


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