[wp-hackers] deleting a user, save posts by him

Amit Gupta amit at igeek.info
Thu Apr 7 14:00:50 GMT 2005

"David House" <dmhouse at gmail.com> wrote:
> Why? If we're feature-adding, we might as well go the extra mile and
> add functionality to deal with the real problem, rather than adding
> functionality to make what is essentially a hack work a bit better.

correct. I agree, we might do the thing right rather than just patching up. :)

> How about a page entilted 'Delete user' that says something along the
> lines of 'Deleting a user won't delete the posts authored by that
> user, so please select another user to attribute those posts to'?

no, that would essentially be the same thing as "Nikolay Bachiyski" suggested
doing via Admin Panel or through MySQL in the first reply to this topic. that's
not a solution, that's a workaround, that we simply attribute the posts to another
author. We don't want to change attribution, but let it remain.

I'd say, at present we are referencing a post to an author by linking to his id in the database.
what if we add another field called Nick Name to the posts table? the NickNames don't change
often, & whenever one changes, the changes can be applied to all the posts? I know that this
can be a bit more resource intensive if the user has many hundreds of posts but that's
all I can think of at the moment.
So by this, if the user is deleted, then that doesn't effect his posts as the name of the author
is not picked from the users table but from the posts table itself.

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