[wp-hackers] deleting a user, save posts by him

Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Thu Apr 7 07:43:49 GMT 2005

Amit Gupta wrote:

> ah!! I should've made myself more clearer, no?
> I know of these two methods, ie., via admin panel & MySQL. what I was 
> asking is that I don't want to use any of these things, essentially, 
> move the posts to another user.
> I've a blog setup for someone who's not techy & has about 100-150 
> posts of a user he wants to delete. Now doing it through admin panel 
> is out-of-question. And he can't do it via MySQL too. I can create a 
> script for him to do that ofcourse, but does the posts really need to 
> be assigned to another user? I mean he wants to keep the attribution 
> of the posts to the original author, but don't want him to post again.
> As I know of it(correct me if I'm wrong), a 0 level user can't post, 
> right? So this can be overcome by simply making the author a 0 level 
> user, which will stop him from posting but also keep his posts with 
> proper attribution. Now the problem will arise when the number of such 
> 0 level users increase. 1,2,3,4,5... its ok, but if they reach 
> somewhere 50-60 or above, its gonna be messed up!!
> so a solution should be there!! I mean there should be an option which 
> allows the posts to remain with proper attribution while the user can 
> be deleted.

Reducing to level 0 sounds like the perfect solution.  What's the 
problem with 50-60 deactivated users?  I've run installs with 3 times 
that many.
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