[wp-hackers] binding a user to a category

Amit Gupta amit at igeek.info
Wed Apr 6 21:02:45 GMT 2005

sure I can but that plugin restricts users below certain level to some group of categories. but I want each user to be bound to some specific categories. so the binding criteria is the user, not the user level.

I guess I'll look into your plugin & see if I can modify it to my needs.

BTW, sorry to those people who received my first email on this topic twice, I dunno why that happened!!

Amit Gupta

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---------- Original Message from "Owen Winkler" <ringmaster at midnightcircus.com> ----------
You can start from my Limit Categories plugin, which limits all users 
under a certain level to posting in predefined categories.  It would be 
a short step to specify restrictions by individual users - in fact, 
somewhat had told me they made these customizations for their own site.

You must do all of the configuration in the plugin file currently, 
I had anticipated some user profile extensions (metadata for user 
accounts) that never came to pass.

The Limit Categories plugin is here:

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