[wp-hackers] Theme development and hooks.

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Tue Apr 5 23:55:38 GMT 2005

Truly, I'm less worried about compliance, and more concerned that the new features are added, and that the included/default themes provide the proper groundwork.  I'm having to teach people how to hack up things to look right for Kubrick, so let's get THAT updated first with this concept of variables/functions to provide style info to plugins. ;)

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  While I think the idea is great, the whole getting theme developers to comply is an issue. I think it would be neat if we made it a feature of the next major release to have a validation service as part of the admin, where when a new theme is activated, after the first run we do a register shutdown function or even just run the checks in WP itself after the theme is loaded and check that the correct variables have been defined and the proper hooks have been added, and if one is found missing, a special setting in the database sets the theme to be unvalid, and then have the admin visibly let the user know that the theme they're running is invalid. This way, theme developers know that their themes aren't valid as they're developing them, and end users will be majorly discouraged from using invalid themes.
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