[wp-hackers] getting post_id at plugin load time

Brett Taylor brett at webfroot.co.nz
Tue Apr 5 06:27:04 GMT 2005

David House wrote:
> My best idea would be to add a hook in yourself, in
> wp-blog-header.php. Search for 'query_posts', then in the next line,
> add this:
> do_action('post_query_posts');
> Then you can hook onto this from inside your plugin:
> function write_cookie() {
>   //your code goes here
> }
> add_action('post_query_posts', 'write_cookie');
> That won't be called as soon as your plugin is loaded, but it will be
> executed as soon as $post is created.

Thanks for the help, David :)

Unfortunately, it seems like output has occured before this point :(

Any other ideas?


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