[wp-hackers] No post title / Rewrite

Sebastian Herp newsletter at scytheman.net
Mon Apr 4 07:48:29 GMT 2005

When I click on "write a new post" (at least in my checked out version) 
the id is auto-inserted in the post-slug-field. If I immediatly change 
to the advanced-edit-mode the post-slug will still be the id and not 
being replaced with whatever title I come up with when hitting 
"publish". Maybe Wordpress "thinks" that the post is already published 
while it is not?


Ryan Boren wrote:

>The behavior in 1.5.1 is to not set the post slug until the post is
>published.  After publication, WP won't attempt to auto update the slug
>if the title changes.  The only way to change the slug on a published
>post is manually.
>If a post has no title when it is published, the id is used.  After
>publication, the same rule as before applies.  We will not automatically
>change a post slug on a published post, even if the slug is the post id.

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