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My point in this whole thread was not, as some people on IRC have taken it 
to be, a way for theme developers to bundle all the plugins they want with 
their theme and make it completely dependent on certain plugins. I should 
have never said the words "bundle" and "plugins" in the same sentence. 
Instead, I just wish there was a way for theme developers to have one file 
that is called at plugin time, that would simply do some of the add_action 
and add_filter that couldn't be done at the time that themes are loaded. My 
personal intention with this was going to be to provide some custom features 
and make a really cool theme that would be completely customizable via the 
wordpress administration interface, but I don't want to have to request that 
users install and activate a plugin at the same time. The other issues 
should probably be brought up in another thread.
Sorry Ryan, accidentally only replied to you, *curses reply-to: headers*

One more try, gmail sent it to the wrong hackers address. *wishes he could 
make it forget hackers at wordpress.org*

On Apr 3, 2005 8:24 PM, Ryan Duff <ryan at ryanduff.net> wrote:
> Robert Deaton wrote:
> > But you can't have functionality without building it into the style. If
> > theme authors didn't include do_action statements, you wouldn't be able
> > to add any functionality. The WordPress themes are not based around a
> > template, and thus give you the greatest possible freedom, and a
> > side-effect is that some theme developers, because they are ignorant of
> > what happens behind the scenes, leave some things that are essential to
> > add functionality out of their themes.
> So it all goes back to the theme developers being ignorant. So why not
> give theme developers a guide based on
> http://boren.nu/archives/2004/11/10/anatomy-of-a-wordpress-theme/
> and a standard set of template tags that *should* be included for normal
> functionality.
> > Plugin developers are having a hell of a time supporting their plugins
> > now because theme developers leave actions out, mix everything around,
> > and there's no longer a standard way of doing things. Thus, if we can
> > resort to a combination of style and functionality, we no longer have to
> > worry about it.
> Here's another off the wall bug just reported dealing with my plugin and
> somebody elses theme...
> http://dev.wp-plugins.org/ticket/130
> I can't say I can duplicate it because I use the default kubrick
> template on my sandbox which includes the wp_list_pages() template tag.
> See the mess we're in? Worst part is, its not just me. There are plenty
> of others experiencing the same things I am.
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