[wp-forums] Theme Support Question

Chris Olbekson chris at c3mdigital.com
Mon Jun 28 18:48:57 UTC 2010

> Questions:

1. Define "some level of support" e.g. what would be the minimum that is


2. How would this be indicated on the theme's page in the Theme Directory?

3. How would a submission by a completely new theme author be handled?

4. If such a scheme could be implemented, how would this impact (if at

> all) on the handling of theme specific queries on the forums?

 So far the consensus of the theme-reviewers list is that the primary
objective is improving the quality of themes hosted on WordPress.org
and support should not be a requirement.  If it was required I think
minimum acceptable would be answering a few questions a month.  Plugin
authors generally are more active on the forums than theme authors and
I would like to find some way to encourage theme authors to be more
active.  My other suggestion is to add a usage tab on the theme
download page for any special usage instruction or faq's like "how do
I change the logo" etc.

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