[wp-forums] Memory limit issues

Andrew Nacin wp at andrewnacin.com
Sun Jun 20 08:08:33 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I've noticed that in some cases, moderators and
recommending .htaccess, php.ini or wp-config.php changes for memory
exhaustion issues during upgrades to 3.0. These are perfectly valid answers,
but I wish to recommend that the first suggestion provided is the plugin we
wrote for this specific issue,

I consider it an important perception thing. We aim for WordPress to be as
easy as possible to upgrade. When it isn't, we ought to provide the piece of
mind that we knew about this in advance and thus we offered an official
plugin to help make it as smooth as possible. This error can potentially
affect quite a number of people, and when we have a plugin we can emphasize
over gritty server configuration files the vast majority of those users will
not understand, it is again peace of mind and looks much better for
WordPress as a stable and awesome product.

Also, it's not like their site is a white screen -- they simply remain on on
2.9.2 or their current version... So if they think it is too difficult for
them, then *they won't upgrade,* as they don't have the incentive a downed
site carries.

Of course, the plugin might not work on the server (but it will work in 99%
of cases), in which case it becomes "then try this" and finally "go bug your

Thanks all -- you guys do great work. :-) I've poked my head in a few times
this week and I have tremendous respect for what you all do. Please ping me
if there's anything I can do to help facilitate your work on the front


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