[wp-forums] Added a Sticky

mrmist listswptesters at mist.org.uk
Fri Jun 18 08:10:59 UTC 2010

In message <BBs6CIApiyGMFwbk at dsl-217-155-35-239.zen.co.uk>, mrmist 
<listswptesters at mist.org.uk> writes
>In message <1DEC2922-D751-4A46-B9B8-E50277B668DA at gmail.com>, James Huff 
><macmanx at gmail.com> writes
>>FYI, due to the increase in reports on this issue, and the fact this 
>>thread has a solution, I made it a sticky:
>>I hope that was the right thing to do.  Please feel free to reprimand 
>>me if it wasn't.
>If it's common enough it would seem sensible.  I have closed it though, 
>otherwise it could get diluted.

Ahh I see there were other stickies made later.  Oh well.


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