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Mark Duncan wp-t31os at ntlworld.com
Tue Jun 1 14:47:50 UTC 2010

mrmist wrote:
> Out of curiosity...
> Why has this thread
> http://wordpress.org/support/topic/280162/page/3?replies=101
> About godaddy free hosting been stickied?

Sorry all, that was me, i was intending to unstick the topic again (oops!).

I've been writing a CSS style to re-skin the forum and also writing a 
jQuery based GreaseMonkey script, and i needed a popular topic (a topic 
with several pages) on the main forum page whilst testing (as i'm 
monitoring that forum at the same time).

Obviously got distracted and forgot to unstick the topic, sorry guys.

Whilst i'm here though, do any of you guys use Stylish or GreaseMonkey 
for Firefox?

I've been working on a style and script as mentioned above to make 
moderation/admin easier and if they're of any use (and you use Firefox), 
they're posted up on my blog.


Spent several hours last night playing around with the code some more, 
so the post above will get updated everytime i change something, but 
even just the style alone helps a great deal with changing placement of 
various pieces of key information across different areas of the forum.

There's a few screenshots further down the post.

Admittedly the GreaseMonkey script (the jQuery stuff) isn't perfect, as 
JS / jQuery is not my strong suit (it's partly me experimenting to), but 
the CSS is written for Firefox, and works pretty well, and should help 
make moderation and using the forum that little bit easier.

If you've not tried Stylish before, i'd urge you to, it's really handy, 
if not for styling, then for getting rid of elements that adblock or 
your chosen ad blocking extension misses.

My first post to the list in a while to, so whilst i'm here, i'd just 
like to take a moment and say welcome to macmanx.. ;)


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