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Adam Norwood ANorwood at law.utexas.edu
Wed Oct 18 16:40:10 UTC 2017

Hi David,

Is this the Google Sheet you’re thinking of? Originally created by Jay Collier, I believe, many years back. Hasn’t been updated since 2016, but might still be useful:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LZmAqDjhkn-9GfkgiwK2lbQvuuMsCmmc6zNaZNVm_kI/edit?usp=sharing


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Hi all,

I once had a link to a Google Sheet that listed schools using Wordpress in multisite mode. Is that still around? We are doing a survey of our existing themes and plugins and looking to peers for advice on what we should remove/install.



David Grogan
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