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Berardi, Richard rberardi at georgian.edu
Tue Feb 28 15:34:53 UTC 2017

Good morning colleagues,
We have been successfully using Google CSE<https://cse.google.com/cse/> within our WordPress environment since our new site launch, which is going on two years.
I have changed the searchform.php page code to call up Google search results into a /search/ page, using the “Results only” option, under Look and feel within the Custom Search website options. Again, this has been working fine until a few days ago.

We have been using the WP Google Search<https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-google-search/> plugin.
It is now working sporadically.
It seems to work ok in Safari and IE, but not Chrome or Firefox.

If I switch to using the CSE supplied code, instead of the plugin, it works ok in Chrome and Firefox but not in Safari or IE!

I have spent four days trying to troubleshoot this. Being a one-man operation, I am out of resources and need to focus on my projects.

Here is an example search:

I am currently using the CSE supplied code, and not the plugin – so Safari and IE are having trouble.
I have also change the Look and feel to display a search box on the page itself. (which has no issues with searching the site)
This tells me that there is some type of disconnect with the Wordpress search displaying the results. Again, the search box on the page itself works perfectly.

If you reload the page a few times, it displays the results!

Does anyone have any insight in getting Google CSE to work correctly within WordPress, using the built-in search?

Thank you,

Richard Berardi
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