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We installed/configured on a dev system back in 2014, but didn’t move forward at the time due to the fact that many of our users are not in LDAP.  We’d have to deal with directing people to the appropriate login, which we didn’t have a great solution for at the time.

We too are now being “encouraged” to move applications to Shib, so we might be in a similar boat soon.

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On Sep 1, 2016, at 12:14 PM, Stephen R Guglielmo <srg at temple.edu<mailto:srg at temple.edu>> wrote:

Hello all,

We have a large WordPress multisite at our University. Currently, we are using a LDAP plugin to handle our authentication/authorization. Our Identity Management group wants everyone to move to Shibboleth if possible. We already have the IdP infrastructure.

The issue that concerns me is that the WordPress Shibboleth plugin [1] seems to be not very well maintained. On the GitHub repo for the plugin [2], there are pending pull requests from 2014 and 2015 and a handful of pending issues (including some that are multisite-specific). The majority of the pull requests and issues have no response from the committer/maintainer.

Is anyone else using Shibboleth for a WordPress multisite instance? Are you using a custom implementation or this plugin? I’m just looking for any feedback from anyone who is using it to see if it’s a worthy pursuit or if we should just stick with LDAP.

Steve Guglielmo
Temple University

[1] https://wordpress.org/plugins/shibboleth/
[2] https://github.com/mitcho/shibboleth
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