[wp-edu] Multisite Network for Portal with CAS and LDAP integration

Adrian Wade awade at dtcc.edu
Fri Jun 10 17:39:28 UTC 2016

We're looking into options to upgrade our student/staff portal. It's 
currently built using custom php and smarty templates. We use CAS 
authentication and display information (announcements, content lists, 
ads, videos) based on a users assigned LDAP group(s). I was wondering if 
anyone has any experiences to share implementing a student/staff portal 
using wordpress multisite. I'm most interested in the authentication 
using CAS and assigning roles (to segment content based on staff or 
student and campus location) based on LDAP or CAS user attributes. I've 
reviewed plugins (for CAS and LDAP) but many seem to have not been 
updated in a while or are very new. I think we'd have a modest base of 
users signed in to make content updates but large numbers or students 
and staff (potentially thousands) authenticated to view the content. Do 
any of you currently have a similar setup? I'd appreciate the passing 
along of any experiences (good or bad), overarching structures, 
workflows, plugins used, etc... Thanks in advance -

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