[wp-edu] LDAP account synchronization/Permissions for users that don't yet exist

Altgilbers, Ian M Ian.Altgilbers at tufts.edu
Thu Apr 28 16:12:37 UTC 2016

Hello all,

We currently use LDAP for authentication to our WordPress multi-site installation, and user accounts are created when the user first logs in.  However, we often need to be able to add users to a site before they’ve logged in.  We have been doing this via a separate custom portal that creates the user accounts “as needed”, but we’re trying to retire that tool and break that dependency.

Does anyone do any sort of account synchronization with a directory (LDAP or AD)?   If not, how do/would you handle granting users access before they’ve logged in?


Ian Altgilbers
Senior Systems Administrator
Educational Technology Services
Tufts Technology Services
Tufts University

Phone: 617.627.0388

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