[wp-edu] About to give up

Dan Bashaw dan.bashaw at pathwisesolutions.com
Wed May 27 20:30:29 UTC 2015

Hi Darcy,

There could be a bright side -- There is nothing like a painful security
failure to focus those that hold the purse strings on the benefits of
managed hosting. This might be an opportunity to switch to one of the
excellent managed hosting solutions that are now available for WordPress
multi-site installations. Pagely.com and WPEngine.com are the most well
know in this space in the US, and here in Canada I'm very partial to

Using managed hosting very effectively offloads most security, backup and
optimization issues onto the host. Since these are WP specialists with
their reputations on the line they do a very good job of handling it.

It goes against the DIY ethic of a lot of higher education institutions,
but it is a very effective way to get the job done.


Dan Bashaw
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