[wp-edu] Process for pruning/retiring inactive sites?

Joseph Ugoretz joseph.ugoretz at mhc.cuny.edu
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We've found that students will sometimes return to a site and pick it up again even after several years of inactivity. We want to make sure never to preclude that possibility, so we don't prune old or inactive sites at all.

I don't think I could trust any automated system, and I certainly don't want that manual drudgery. And I don't want a student to ever find that her work, no matter how preliminary and initial, has disappeared--or even give her the impression that she needs to tidy it up or make it disappear.

Is it really that big a drag on the system to have some inactive sites? (We are up to over 4,000 sites now, and probably only 50-60% are "active"--depending on your definition). Enough to justify the time consuming drudgery? Why not just let them remain?


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Hello all,

What process do you have in place to clean up your WP instance of old and inactive sites? Every summer we look at this and go through a process of manual identification (e.g. sites not updated in past 6 months) and go about trying to contact site admins for permission to delete. It’s time consuming  and drudgery.



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