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Juliana Perry jperry02 at brynmawr.edu
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"As a Super Admin of a WPMU instance, if I select "edit" from the list of sites under the Network Admin view (http://blah.tld/wp-admin/network/sites.php ) I can choose the themes available to that site that are not network enabled. However, if I go to the dashboard of the site (http://blah.tld/site/wp-admin/themes.php ) I see all the network enabled themes to choose from. The purpose of this is to allow particular sites to have non-network-enabled themes. Correct? I feel like there is something I am missing about how schools have used this feature. Is there some special way your school has used this feature? 

Nick Skriloff , ME , MCP, SCJP " 

Yes, that's how we use this feature as well. An example: We have a theme that uses the Bryn Mawr College branding that we want "official" blogs to be able to use, but that shouldn't be available to just any old blog-- so we can use this feature to enable the branded theme for select blogs. The same applies to themes with very particular use cases (e.g. CommentPress), or themes we've deprecated but need to keep available to allow legacy content to function correctly. 

Juliana Perry 

Juliana Perry 
Web Services Project Manager 
Bryn Mawr College 

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