[wp-edu] Superadmins redirect to main page admin panel when misspelling pages

Jonathan Cox jcox9 at vcu.edu
Tue May 14 17:44:19 UTC 2013

It happens on ours as well, and I've also made inadvertent changes to the main site when I mistyped the path of a specific site without realizing it.

The solution, it seems to me, would be a check when the request is parsed by PHP to see if a site exists that matches the first path component. Based on Gerlando's comment, I thought it may have been added between 3.5 and 3.6 -- but I did a quick multisite install using 3.6 beta 3 just now with neither bells nor whistles, and the problem persists.

Gerlando, do you have a subdomain or subdirectory setup?


On May 14, 2013, at 10:56 AM, Bill Dennen wrote:

>> Is this a default behavior in WordPress MultiSite, or is this due to some misconfiguration on our part?
>> Can anyone verify that this happens on their MultiSite install as well?
> Brian,
> I think this is the default behavior for Multisite sites. We see it too.
> I think this line in the .htaccess file tells apache to serve up the
> admin, even if the first part of the URL doesn't exist:
> RewriteRule ^[_0-9a-zA-Z-]+/(wp-(content|admin|includes).*) $1 [L]
> However, it hasn't been a problem for us.
> For what it's worth, we have an "editor login" link at the bottom of
> our pages, so our users do not type in the URLs at all.
> -Bill
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