[wp-edu] Superadmins redirect to main page admin panel when misspelling pages

Covello, Steve Steve.Covello at granite.edu
Tue May 14 15:01:22 UTC 2013

Sounds like something that could be solved in an htaccess configuration,
but that is over my head. I tried your situation on my MS install and got
the same problem.

Still searching for a solution as well.

- Steve

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On 5/14/13 10:47 AM, "Brian D. Sears (bdsears)"
<bdsears at henrico.k12.va.us> wrote:

>We are experiencing an issue that impacts any superadmin who manually
>types in the web address to access a blog dashboard who also makes a typo
>when manually typing in the URL.
>For example, if a superadmin (who has previously authenticated into
>blogname.edu) types in this address for a blog dashboard:
>then they are typing in a non-existent dashboard URL (the correct URL
>should be http://blogname.edu/what/wp-admin/).
>I thought that by typing in a URL to a non-existent site would load a
>file not found or 404 error page. However, no error page loads for
>superadmins in this case. Instead, the root (blogname.edu/wp-admin/) page
>loads and the URL with the typo remains listed in the web address bar,
>giving false information to the blog user. This resulted in our blog's
>homepage being accidentally edited.
>Is this a default behavior in WordPress MultiSite, or is this due to some
>misconfiguration on our part?
>Can anyone verify that this happens on their MultiSite install as well?
>Anyone have any ideas how I could fix it?
>Any help would be very much appreciated!
>Brian Sears
>Senior Enterprise Systems Administrator
>Henrico County Public Schools
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