[wp-edu] WordPress Multisite and CAS

Stergatou Eleni stergatu at cti.gr
Thu Apr 25 14:21:20 UTC 2013

Hi Ken, we are in a process of making our wordpress MS  installation (wp3.5.1), CAS-ified.

We use a plugin which  needs phpCAS to work like wpCAS does.
 I'm not sure if we use the wpCAS, cause we have  'hacked' a lot into it, in order to make it:
->  use SAML VERSION 1.1,
->  fetch specific attributes and update the usermeta based on that
->  support single sign out
->  allow also other types of login (not fully tested)

Also our previous login mechanism was LDAP Authentication Plug-in  (http://wpmuldap.tuxdocs.net) so we had to keep the  wp_usermeta field names the same as LDAP Authentication Plug-in.
It is still in a development phase, with no admin page, just a config file, but if you are interested, we can upload it somewhere or send it by a private message to you. 
Of course we don't suggest to use it, without heavy testing in your production installation.

Bests regards

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I can't offer an answer to your question, but as the author of wpCAS, I would like to invite somebody in the community to take ownership of the plugin.

My understanding is that the plugin is still in use, but I've left higher ed and, as you've pointed out, just haven't been involved enough to update it (or even know what, if any, aspects of it need updating).

Contact me on or off list if you're interested in maintaining the plugin. Of course, its GPL, so anybody can take to code and release a fork, all I'm offering is control over that named plugin in the repo. 


On Apr 25, 2013, at 5:57 AM, Ken Newquist <newquisk at lafayette.edu> wrote:

> Everyone,
> We're looking to CAS-ify our WordPress Multisite instances, having already CAS-fied Zimbra Webmail and Drupal.  Our research has led us to the wpCAS plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpcas/) but it hasn't been updated in the repo in two years.

> Has anyone CAS-fied their WordPress Multisite instances, and if so, what do you use? 
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