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Whisler, Dave dkwhisle at uncc.edu
Thu May 10 15:21:49 UTC 2012

I need to know the best way to add/remove items from the list of acceptable file types (file extensions) that are permitted in WordPress 3.x.x.

Standard WordPress (non-multisite):  It does not have any options to add/remove file from the WP Dashboard.
WP MultiSite Installation:  If you go into the network admin Dashboard, it has a field that has a list of acceptable file types here:   Dashboard -> Settings -> Network Settings ->  "Upload file types".   However, adding a new file type to this list does not seem to enable me to upload a file of this type to any of the sites on this WP network.    What am I missing?

Why would WordPress have this option listed in the Network configuration on Multisite installations and then not utilize it?     And where is this option on a normal WordPress install?

The online WordPress codex seems to be silent on this:    http://codex.wordpress.org/Uploading_Files

1.       What is the correct way to accomplish this?

2.       And if it cannot be accomplished without using (or writing a plugin), let me know which Plugins you have used and why.   Below are some plugins that I found (not tested yet) that seem like they might accomplish this.   Does anyone have experience using them on a WP multisite network?    A major concern is that I do not want to be able to set them network-wide - and not have to do any configuration changes on individual sites.

Below are some Plugins that appear like they might do the job.




In the database for WP Multi-sites, you can run this query to see the same list of upload filetypes as in the Network Settings:
SELECT meta_key, meta_value FROM wp_sitemeta WHERE meta_key="upload_filetypes";
However, I've not found anything like this on a single-site WordPress installation.

Some people suggest modifying the function.php file in your WordPress theme to do it.   While others have said to modify WordPress core (wp-includes/functions.php - add the filetypes in the "get_allowed_mime_types() function).   However, I'd rather not modify my theme (what if we want to change themes?) or WordPress core (what about upgrades) - as this just adds complications.

Please let me know how you accomplish this - as I want to best method for the long-run - one that won't end up causing problems in the future.


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