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Hi Dave,

Bill beat me to the punch, but as he says the size of the ‘path’ column in the database is limited to 100 characters. Does MySQL automatically truncate overly-long strings on INSERT? If not, I can’t find where this happen in the WordPress code -- Mike: where’s the code that sets the minimum length to 4? Maybe that’s where the truncation happens and I just haven’t found it yet? I’d be curious to know if there are any other regex rules that block special characters in the path, but as far as I know simple dashes are URL-safe.

Having said that, are you getting a specific error message when trying to use the longer ‘instrumentation-development-group’ path, or does it accept it but truncate it? Is the root of your WordPress network at an already-lengthy path (like example.com/some/subdirectory/path/wp/), which might explain why you only have ~30 characters to work with?

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Does anyone know the official limitations (max length, type of characters) for a new site’s “path” when you create it via the “Add New Site” menu on WordPress 3.2.2 multisite installation.

The on-screen dialog says this “Only the characters a-z and 0-9 recommended”.

However, it does not state the max# of characters.    Nor does it say if a dash between words would be acceptable (or not).

It did allow me to create one like “instrumentation-development”   however, it rejected this one:   ” instrumentation-development-group” so I suspect the limit is around 30 characters.

Does anyone know if dashes in the path name will cause issues?    Does anyone know the official max length?     Shouldn’t this be displayed on the “Add New Site” screen?


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