[wp-edu] Pre-poulating and Managing Custom Taxonomy Terms

Kyle Jones kylejones at thecorkboard.org
Sun Mar 18 00:45:59 UTC 2012

Hello WP-Edu folks-

I'm working on a basic ePortfolio system using four custom taxonomies  
for the pages post type.  The pages act as the artifacts.  Each custom  
taxonomy needs to be pre-populated with terms.

So far, the taxonomies are working just fine and they have been pre- 
populated successfully - all of this is packaged in a must use plugin  
on each site.

However, when terms need to be edited or all-out deleted it's not  
straight forward.

For example, if I want to edit the description of a course in the  
courses taxonomy the database doesn't recognize that it is an edit and  
misconstrues it as an additional term.  So, now two terms exist, of  
which one is now misleading.  The second issue presents itself when a  
term needs to be deleted.  Because wp_delete_term requires an ID and  
the IDs for each pre-populated term may be different across varying  
sites, I can't (at least I don't think I can) programatically delete  
the unnecessary term(s) across the entire site.

Does anyone have any experience pre-populating terms and then managing  

I can provide the plugin if that helps anyone understand better my  
goals here.


~Kyle M. L. Jones~

School of Library and Information Studies, UW-Madison
	-Ph.D Student
	-Distance Ed. T.A.
	-kmjones8 at wisc.edu
	-kylejones at thecorkboard.org

p.s. - sent previously from my Madison address but it doesn't look  
like it posted.
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