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VanDrimmelen, Jeff jeffvand at unc.edu
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Thanks for this Shawn.  I hadn't thought of that. That might work for us too.

Long term I think we are moving toward using PermitPress (http://permitpress.com) for this and other membership/group solutions.  PermitPress was developed by the same guy that made RoleScoper, but it is much more powerful.  It is a new product, but has a good community forming.  An update that is due out soon will protect media attached to content items in the same way that you protect the item.  Very nice.  That way it is all in wordpress and easily managed by us and our users.

Thanks for all the thoughts and suggestions.  This (roles and group management) is a really a big thing that I think we are all so close to figuring out. :)  As an aside we have a large site with lots of sub-groups that need their own rights and we are going to manage it all through wordpress.  Exciting times. :)


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Not sure if this is helpful - but we've been recommending that people use Sakai for files that need to be truly private (as a stopgap measure for now anyway). At Duke, we use a homegrown group management tool called Toolkits to add course rosters to WordPress sites, so the users in a Sakai course are the same users in a WordPress site. They just end up having to login via Shib when they want to access the Sakai-restricted content.

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