[wp-edu] how to set new site defaults on WordPress 3.x network

Whisler, Dave dkwhisle at uncc.edu
Thu Mar 31 20:10:37 UTC 2011

I'm running a WordPress 3.0.1 multi-site network at my university where
I work.   

I need a way to easily change some of the new site "default" parameters
that are used when I create a new site on the WP network. 

While I want to do this, I want to do it safely without modifying core
(for obvious reasons) or something else that might put the site at risk
when upgrading, etc..

It seems like this should be rather easy, but I have yet to figure out
where to do this.


Here's my preferences for a new site:

1.       No posts

2.       No pages

3.       No links

4.       Comments are disabled sitewide

5.       timezone to "New York" (aka:  EST / UTC - 5 hrs)

6.       set a certain header image of my choice

7.       permalinks - Month and name

8.       writing settings - size of the post "25" lines 

9.       widgets - set which ones should be in any new sites


I realize that likely some or all of these cannot easily be
accomplished, but setting some up front as we need, would be better than

As of right now each time I create a new site for someone, I either need
to walk them thru setting up the defaults and deleting the "default"
content off the new site OR do it myself, which either way is wasted




Dave Whisler

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

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