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VanDrimmelen, Jeff jeffvand at unc.edu
Thu Jan 13 20:09:19 UTC 2011

Hey Wordpress Folks!

I was asked today to see if we can integrate our Multi-Site instance with the campus Sakai instance and pointed to the LTI Framework that exists in Sakai.  Does anyone out there have experience with this that I could talk to?

I found this plugin that looks like it is in it's infancy - http://code.google.com/p/basiclti4wordpress/

I threw it up on our Dev server, but I really don't know what to do with it.  Or what it does.  The Sakai interface asks for some special keys.

Here is some links to the LTI information as it might be of use to some others.  It provides a great interface between learning management systems and outside tools.

Intro for Sakai - http://www.rsmart.com/blog/jbush/sakai-conference-highlight-basic-lti
Some Info on MediaWiki Integration- http://collab.sakaiproject.org/pipermail/sakai-dev/2010-May/007295.html

Thanks for any thoughts y'all have.


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