[wp-edu] Federated Authentication? Anyone thought about it?

Alexander Hempton-Smith hempsworth at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 19:12:05 UTC 2010

There is a Google Apps integration plugin that creates accounts on the
fly using the email address as a username. Can't remember which plugin
it was now.

Perhaps it's worth having a search, and/or posting to wp-hackers to
ask which filter would allow those characters in usernames.

-- Alex

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On 30 Sep 2010, at 19:56, Patrick Laverty <patrick_laverty at brown.edu> wrote:

> We found that the new Shib plugin does work and fix the authors
> problem as described in the thread.  However it doesn't fix the
> username issue.  We're still running into that.
> All the filtering and sanitizing is being done after the registration,
> and that's where the problem is coming in.  First time registrants
> trying to log in to the system.  When WP tries to create their
> account, the @ and . are killing it.  But if they're already in the
> system, logging in is no problem.
> So one solution is that we can add every user at our University and
> then there will be no problems with that.
> However one of the major reasons to use Shibboleth (along with SSO) is
> federation.  I don't know who's going to need access from other
> institutions and I really don't want to be creating those on an
> as-needed basis.  So we'd prefer for this to work.
> I'm guessing that this is just another filter that needs to happen in
> the account creation where the @ and . is allowed.  We're just trying
> to find the right place and the right hooks to make it happen.
> If anyone else thinks they know what would make that work, it would be
> appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Patrick
> On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 5:04 PM, Patrick Laverty
> <patrick_laverty at brown.edu> wrote:
>> On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 3:25 PM, Amy Hendrix <amy.hendrix at duke.edu> wrote:
>>> Hi Patrick,
>>> Are you using the latest version of the WP Shib plugin? It now
>>> sanitizes names order to deal with the @ problem. We're using it to
>>> allow integration with our existing login systems, and not (yet) for
>>> off-campus logins, but if the problem you're having is just the name
>>> syntax that shouldn't make a difference. There are some details here:
>>> http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-shibboleth-username-at-risk-of-breaking-permalinks-with-author
>>> (note that that thread is about broken links, but it gets into user
>>> name rewriting further down the thread).
>> Thanks Amy, I added the couple lines of code suggested in that thread.
>>  We're testing to see if it helps.    We are using the 1.4 version of
>> the Shib plugin, and we do still get an error from formatting.php when
>> a new user successfully authenticates.  Hopefully the code in that
>> discussion thread gets us around the problem.
>> Thank you.
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