[wp-edu] Educational Focused WordCamp?

Jay Collier jay.collier at thecompass.com
Fri Sep 10 01:54:32 UTC 2010

Agreed. I would like to see the principles you reiterated protected right from the start, and I think the Creative Commons licensing model would do so.

On Sep 9, 2010, at 9:34 PM, James Groom wrote:

> I would suggest everyone own and maintain their own content, and syndicate it in, and put your plugins on wordpress.org lest this become an app machine like wpmu.org/premium.wpmudev.org. A lot of good work was lost in the process of that transition, and that is the only thing that would make me a a bit weary of zealous leadership in this regard. Though it just so happens that hope springs eternal, and as long as we are clear from the beginning this is a site dedicated to the communist/commons ethics that should always undergird open source projects (i.e. owned by no one) I think this is groovy. 

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