[wp-edu] wp-edu Digest, Vol 16, Issue 6

Kyle Jones kylejones at thecorkboard.org
Thu Sep 9 21:29:59 UTC 2010

I'd very much be willing to contribute posts and screencasts to a  
WordPress/Ed related site with or without a conference attached to it.
Giving up the "Wordcamped" domain would be sad as it fits nicely, but  
maybe something more like WordPressEd (wordpressed.org) would be  
appropriate (and legal)?

~Kyle M.L. Jones~
SLIS Ph.D Student
SLIS Distance Ed. T.A.

kmjones8 at wisc.edu
kylejones at thecorkboard.org

Twitter: @thecorkboard
Site: http://thecorkboard.org

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