[wp-edu] Educational Focused WordCamp?

Jane Wells jane at automattic.com
Thu Sep 9 21:22:30 UTC 2010

  Didn't Jim Groom start a site a while back where ed people were 
posting what they're doing with WP/MU/BP in academic settings?

On 9/9/10 5:15 PM, Helen Hou wrote:
> That's where I'm hung up a little bit as well, actually. I knew that the
> idea of a resource beyond conferences would be stepping out of bounds, if
> you will, so thank you for calling that out. I still love the idea of a
> targeted WordCamp, but I know that for myself (and probably for a lot of us
> working for educational institutions), the time/money/ability to travel to a
> conference is very limited. Since there seems to be a lot of interest in
> sharing information, why not start with a site and keep the goal of a
> WordCamp in mind? Should we start a new e-mail thread to clarify?

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