[wp-edu] Creation of Tables in WP via WP-Table-Reloaded

Whisler, Dave dkwhisle at uncc.edu
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Thanks for the suggestion to try WP-Table-Reloaded, but I had seen that
one previously and opted not to try it.   

I saw that this plugin is pretty popular and so thought it  might work
for me.   However...... not didn't seem to be optimal for what I had in
mind (though I could be wrong).


Here's my reasoning:   It seems to suggest that it stores each "table"
that you create ( I guess for re-use purposes) and then you reference
that table in your post/page using a special shortcode.   

Am I correct in this?    If so, that might work for some situations, but
I'm thinking that most times you'd want the actual content in the table
to be stored in the actual post/page and not simply hitting a reference
to where it's stored somewhere else.   What if someone removes the
actual table data in the "plugin" backend - or deinstalled the plugin
(or it stops working due to a upgrade or the plugin dev. Stops...)


What I'm pursuing is simply a way to generate the html needed for
formatting in the front-end editor - thus, even if the editor plugin I
use to do this function "goes away", breaks, or I deinstall it, the
content in the page/post is not dependent on it - since it's just
standard HTML.     







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