[wp-edu] The (new) concept of the LMS

Stas Sușcov stas at nerd.ro
Mon May 17 23:06:19 UTC 2010

as I promised a couple of weeks ago, I would like to ask some of the
wp-edu readers to participate in the concept/design phase of the
BuddyPress LMS project.

I started a blog where I posted current timeline and milestones of the
project. I also started some mockups for most interesting components of
the future system (tried using a tool like Gimp, but pencil and paper
did better).

In short the system will be mainly focused on the groups in BuddyPress,
and the whole component will be built above it. The concept mockups you
will find on blog represent some of the pages the system will use.

To not spam people and streamline the results I suggest you leaving
comments on the blog since those can be revised by people from outside

The project blog.

Thank you in advance.

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/\  http://www.asciiribbon.org/

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