[wp-edu] WordPress 3.0 and Plugins Report

Ken Newquist newquisk at lafayette.edu
Thu Jul 29 18:18:25 UTC 2010


Back in June there was some talk about WordPress 3.0 and its  
compatibility (or lack there of) with popular plugins and themes.  
We've recently upgraded our production instances of WordPress to 3.0,  
and I thought I'd give a rundown of the the problems we encountered.

==More Privacy Options==
The plugin continues to work, but it generates a PHP fatal error when  
you edit a site's properties as an admin, making it impossible to save  
configuration changes. The latest version of the plugin fixes this  

==nextGen Gallery: Ignoring MultiSite directory options==
nextGen  Gallery has issues with WordPress 3.0 multisite. While  
existing installations are working ok, folks who add the plugin after  
the upgrade get this error message:

“Directory wp-content/gallery/ didn’t exist. Please create first the  
main gallery folder !”

The problem is that Blog Directory Path, which is a network-wide  
option set under the super admin menu, is no longer being respected at  
the per site level by nextGen. If you manually set the site’s  
directory path using the site’s ID (available from the main site  
directory list in the super admin view), then things work properly,  
but the default setting is now incorrect.

The plugin author is aware of the problem, and is working on this and  
other MultiSite-specific  issues for the next release.


==nextGen Gallery: Slideshow links don't work on a static home page==
If you insert a nextGen Gallery into a page, and then make that page  
your home page, the link to the slideshow will not work.

==Anarchy Media Player==
Anarchy's settings page no longer loads under WordPress 3.0.

==Mandigo (theme)==
The Mandigo setting page doesn't load if you're using Mandigo 1.40.1.  
It works properly with the current version.

==Mandigo + nextGen + WordPress 3.0==
Here's a very specific bug -- Mandigo uses an older version of JQuery  
in its theme, one that doesn't include a particular method that  
nextGen needs. This causes a fatal error in NextGen, which then causes  
the JavaScript portions of the Mandigo theme to stop working.


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