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Laverty, Patrick Patrick_Laverty at brown.edu
Thu Feb 18 22:10:35 UTC 2010

Thanks for the feedback everyone.  I think what sounds like the best
before for us, just starting out with nothing currently, is to use the
2.9 Embed.  Might as well go native, rather than depending on a 3rd
party plugin.


Thanks and very happy to get all the feedback!




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Right now we are recommending users against it, and pushing for straight
embeds in HTML view.  we then are going to go through the database and
rewite all the AMP code for YouTUbe videos (99% of the usage) to a
straight embed code which should solve the problem with bad code and
lost videos.  As of Fall 2010, Anarchy will no longer be available, and
we'll check out what the best options for audio uploads are.  We've
stayed away from PodPress because it too is a resource hound, and adds
an unimaginable amount of tables to each blog database.  More than that,
no one uploads their own videos onto UMW Blogs.

Viper's plugin integrated into 2.9.1 is promising, but I haven;t tested
that with audio yet.  Anarchy worked brilliantly with audio, but turns
out most folks used it for YouTube, nonetheless, it was a beautiful
thing for audio when it was still supported.  I'll miss you anarchy.


On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 4:10 PM, Amy Hendrix <amy.hendrix at duke.edu>

Hey Jim,

Can you say more about your process for transitioning away from AMP?
Given AMP's state of (non)support and WP native embeds, we'd like to
nudge our people away from it before our service gets too much bigger,
but we wouldn't want to just shut it off if it's going to break the
content that's already in place. Are you giving your users warnings?
self-help instructions? some kind of upgrade scripts for existing


On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 3:53 PM, James Groom <jimgroom at gmail.com> wrote:
> Patrick,
> We use Anarchy Media Player still at UMW Blogs, but are in the process
> phasing it out because it is not supported anymore, and can be a bit
of a
> resource hound.  That said, I personally haven't found a media player
> works nearly as well.
> If you still want to use I can send you the files I have and are
> Best,
> Jim
> On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 3:02 PM, Laverty, Patrick
> <Patrick_Laverty at brown.edu> wrote:
>> Having some trouble with the Anarchos Media Player (AMP) plugin.  It
>> like a pretty straightforward plugin, unzip into my mu-plugins
directory and
>> then activate.  Ok, problem there.  I'm looking in my Site Admin, and
>> there's no reference to anything that looks like AMP.  However, I do
get the
>> yellow A button on my editor when I create a new post.  But when I
click on
>> the A button, I get nothing.  I ran firebug, and the error that I get
>> "edInsertVideoSite is not defined"
>> Anyone heard of this?  I'm not finding much with google and the AMP's
>> forums seem to be taken over by pharmaspam.  That's not very
>> Or if you use a different but similar plugin from AMP, what is it?
>> Thanks.
>> Patrick
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