[wp-edu] Advice needed on using WP for ALL of the website.

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Hey Abhishek,

If you’re at all interested in developing templates for WP, I’d suggest the screencast series over at http://css-tricks.com - starting at screencast #25

As far as the platform, I’d say it depends on how much content and how you’re going to use it. Joomla! As a CMS is best suited for e-commerce sort of things. But if you’re going to have a LOT of content, it might be a good route to go. Drupal is different in that it’s more focused on community - user profiles, forums, discussion.

I personally think that WP does a much better job at connect people and letting them easily comment. Designing for WordPress really isn’t very hard and the platform is so extensible and quick that if you’re looking at say, 15 pages or so, it will work great. I use WP for a music festival our college holds each year and it’s definitely not a blog: http://www.agapefest.com but that will give you some idea of how you can use child/parent Pages as well as dynamic content in the form of news.

Hope that helps, and if you have any specific questions, I’d be glad to help you out.


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I'm soon going to start working on a project to remake our business school's website. Having done a lot of stuff with Wordpress in the past I would like to stick to using WP. However, I'm not a theme developer and can make only minor changes to existing themes, which is what I've been doing so far.

My business schools (Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta) is one of the top ranked B schools in India and hence the site needs to be spot on, on the first try. Also there might be some scope for outsourcing the template design. However all of the WP activity in education I've been seeing is in the blogs space, and I'm wondering if I should explore some other options (like Drupal, Joomla) for the design of the actual site. I'm pretty confused in this regard.

What steps should I follow? Any advice in this regard would be great!

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