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Velda velda at novapages.com
Fri Jan 23 16:43:16 GMT 2009

Just to follow up, I tried several things but ended up deciding to keep 
the menu hard-coded.  That'll probably help us keep things more 
organized than the last site too ;-)


Velda wrote:
> Thanks.  I still might be able to make this work for me. I'll let you 
> know.
> -Velda
> Jeremy Boggs wrote:
>> On Jan 9, 2009, at 12:06 PM, Velda wrote:
>>> OK, I've checked these out, and they're close, but I need to treat 
>>> the pages as categories rather than posts, so they'll show up in 
>>> category lists, alongside other categories.  So my admissions 
>>> category might have a few subcategories (like FAQs for example) as 
>>> well as a page linking to an enrollment form.
>>> Is that what yours does, Jeremy?
>> Sorry, no, my plugin doesn't do this. It simply lets you associate 
>> categories to a static page the same way you can associate categories 
>> to a post. It has a custom template function that will list the pages 
>> by category on the public side.
>> Sounds like what you want is a way to list both categories and static 
>> pages with the wp_list_categories() template function...is that 
>> right? Should be possible, but it wouldn't be very easy, especially 
>> the ordering and hierarchy among categories and static pages. Seems 
>> interesting, and in fact is something folks in my department have 
>> wanted for their department website. (I set up GMU's history 
>> department site with WP.)
>> In any case, I cleaned up and made my plugin available for download 
>> here:
>> http://clioweb.org/downloads/cwpagecategories.txt
>> It's a very simple plugin: lets you add categories to a page, and has 
>> a template function called cw_listcategories() that you can use in 
>> the sidebar to list pages under a category heading. You can also 
>> return an array of pages with cw_getpagesbycat($cat) and replace $cat 
>> with the category ID.
>> I used a messier version of this plugin on CHNM's site, here for 
>> example:
>> http://chnm.gmu.edu/research-and-tools/
>> "Research and Tools" is a category template page, which uses 
>> cw_getpagesbycat() in the category.php theme file to return all the 
>> static pages with the category "Research and Tools." Each project on 
>> that page is a static page.
>> I tested this with 2.7 only, but it should work OK in previous 
>> versions of 2.x, assuming they include jQuery. If you try it out, or 
>> improve it in any way, please share!
>> Jeremy
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