[wp-edu] Feed problem--new server

Joseph Ugoretz joseph.ugoretz at mhc.cuny.edu
Wed Jan 14 22:24:43 GMT 2009

Got it! Thanks, everyone!

Gerlando, Mike, Austin, Brian, Mark, Matt, Jim (I'm sure I'm forgetting

What a great community.  You folks are terrific.

My hosting company uses internal DNS servers, so I added an entry there
pointing to the external ip address, and also changed the /etc/hosts file on
the server (which was pointing to the internal ip address, not the
external). Not sure which of those was the solution, but I don't think
either of them does any harm, so I did both.

And now feedwordpress syndicates those feeds just fine, wget works,

Thanks again--this was a real challenge to someone who is a linux sysadmin
only in the most illusory sense. If you guys hadn't pointed me in the right
direction I might never have gotten this fixed.

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> 2009/1/14 Gerlando Termini <gerlando.termini at lehman.cuny.edu>
>> Joseph Ugoretz wrote:
>>> Hmm...that *is* interesting.  Maybe a difference between internal and
>>> external ip in the DNS.
> I see too.   It sounds like you could have a firewall
> doing NAT (network address translation). Or maybe you have a VPS
> (Virtual Private Server) and the external address is the physical host
> machine.
> It sounds like it is time to talk to your hosting support.
> You can now show them, with the wget examples, that your (sub)domain
> resolves to different ip addresses internally and externally, and that
> one wget works and one doesn't, please can they help.
> Mike
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